Helpful Resources

Hope for the Journey

Biblical truth and practical resources for the family

Here are some additional resources that have helped us in our family’s battle with autoimmune diseases.
Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn’s, and SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

Type 1 Diabetes

You may have questions about Type 1 diabetes after reading my post titled, “A big change.” What is type 1 diabetes? What are the causes? How is it treated?

When we noticed symptoms in Lucas, we found the most helpful information on the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) website. This is what prompted us to call his doctor and find out more.

Please visit for additional information and resources/support.

Lucas has the unique opportunity to attend a camp for Type 1 Diabetics with other kids his age each summer. This is made possible through the Central Ohio Diabetes Association (CODA).


I love historical books, especially true stories of courageous women who risked it all for freedom, the gospel, or the sake of others. Here are some of my favorites!

Family Devotions

Our family has enjoyed this devotional written by Ruth and Patrick Schwenk. Each day includes a question to discuss.

Truth for Kids

This website is a great FREE resource for devotionals. Click on the menu bar at the top right and select today’s devotion for the age of your kids. we read these at bedtime when our boys were younger. it helped them wind down and go to sleep peacefully.

We used this devotion with our boys for a long time! Each day tells a relatable story that corresponds with the scripture passage, and a ”how about you?” question. click in the link below to order it from Amazon!