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Six Ways To Avoid Busy Burnout

We just came through  of one of our busiest seasons yet with all three of our teenage sons playing lacrosse. Thank goodness our twins were on the same team!  Games, meals, and practices replaced our once empty evenings.  As this season was approaching I was reminded of some strategies my husband and I put in…
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Three Truths to Cling to During A Winter Season

The gray sky gave way to darkness as another winter day came to a close. As I stood there looking out the front window, I felt a dread wash over me. Our newborn twin boys were asleep in their swings nearby, and even though their tiny faces held hope, this awful feeling had a hold…
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Three Ways to Make Giving Thanks an Action

I’m going to be honest here. I usually approach the Thanksgiving holiday feeling a little glutinous and guilty. Society has categorized Thanksgiving as that one time a year when we pay homage to all of our blessings. We buy our turkeys, and prepare them with all the trimmings only to sit down and eat more…
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