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It All Starts With Us – Choices in Motherhood with Gladys Childs

I had a thought-provoking conversation with Gladys Child about the impact of the choices we make on our children. She shares from her experiences growing up how they impacted her choices as a mom to her now teenage son. We talk about everything from handling tantrums to teenage drivers. More about Gladys: Dr. Gladys Childs…
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Discovering the Joy of Parenting – with Lauren Gaines

Do you feel like every day is the same with your parenting? Are you stuck in a rut and wish you could have a different view of yourself and your kids? If so, listen to this encouraging conversation with Lauren Gaines! In this episode we talk about how a health condition changed her perspective on…
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You Are Not Overlooked in Infertility! with Whitney Akin

I had a great conversation with Whitney Akin about drawing closer to God through a season of infertility. If you are struggling with infertility, you may feel like no one understands those feelings. This podcast will encourage you to turn to the Lord with all you are experiencing and allow him to give you inner…
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