Learning to Launch with Lori Bodkin

Lori Bodkin is a life mentor and certified Christian counselor who also happens to be the mom of two young adult children. In today’s episode we talk about learning how to launch our older kids into the world while we still pray for them and take an active role in their lives. It’s a tricky balance to walk as a mom, but it can be done. Lori provides some great practical tips and advice for us moms who are watching our teenagers grow up and leave the house or gain independence while they attend college while living at home. Every stage of motherhood come with joys and challenges and this stage is no different! Lori is so engaging and practical. You will enjoy this conversation even if your kids aren’t quite ready to leave home yet.

Lori’s practical tip (which I forget to ask in this episode-oops!).
“I always have the ingredients for tacos or nachos on hand because it’s a quick meal to whip up (especially on days you’re just not feeling it) and who doesn’t love a good taco or plate of nachos? You can also make them with whatever leftover meat you have AND if you have a guest stop by or the kids have friends over, it’s usually a crowd pleaser. Bonus win!”

More about Lori:
As a life mentor and certified Christian counselor, Lori encourages, equips, and empowers women to take control of their busy, overwhelmed lives so they can experience the joy and freedom God intended. She still works a regular day job as a training specialist, writing web-based trainings and collaborating with the heavy truck industry. Hosting her mentoring workshops allows her to be genuinely creative while providing encouragement and leadership for women in a fun and engaging way. She will have been married to her husband, Bob, for 26 years on Valentine’s Day. (Yes, Lori is a hopeless romantic!) They have two adult children; Cory is 24 and Alyssa is 20. She is also a certified Christian Counselor and loves having a front row seat to work with God in healing and restoring love and joy in women and couples. She truly loves making a difference every day. When she has some free time, Lori enjoys baking, scrapbooking, reading, watching Hallmark movies and enjoying a cup of coffee and good conversation with her girlfriends.

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