The Surprise Gift

Armed with a cup of coffee, a notebook and my laptop I found a comfortable seat at the kitchen table and settled in. We had an all day team meeting on the agenda and I hoped to get a few things done before it began.

I carefully reviewed a few records keeping in delicate balance the quality of my work and the production desired. Deadlines are looming, and I completed my work hoping to lessen our team to-do list by just a couple more.

The 9 o’clock hour rolled around and I clicked “Join meeting” and brought up my camera. Heck, I had even combed my hair and put on makeup for this. After all, the entire team would have to see me for the duration. Why not spruce up a bit?

Our director came on and began to speak. He shared his screen and I saw the words “Playing Hookey” appear. He began to tell our team that yes, we do have a lot to accomplish, but it would not be today. Today would be the day we play hookey! He then advised us to immediately set our “out of office” and take the day off.

What? Was I hearing this right? I scanned the other team members to gauge their reactions, only to be met with the same look of surprise on their faces! It was hard to believe, or even accept. Once again he assured us that we would all get the work done, just not today. He also advised he would even be checking to make sure we had left our computers and gone away.

Wow. What a gift. An unexpected day off.

I didn’t have to plan for it.
I didn’t have to pay for it.
Arrangements were made in advance on my behalf and all I had to do was partake in it.

Have you ever received a gift like this? One you never expected and don’t want to waste?

What would I do with this day? There was laundry and dishes and groceries and such. And schoolwork and yard work and walking the dog. What would I do first?

Wait a minute… I have a day off. Its a rare 72 degree day in November and I’m over here thinking about laundry?

My mind quickly got a grip. Nope. Not today!

Today I’m going to enjoy this gift of an unexpected day off. I’m going to run and hang out with my kids, and go get my husband lunch, and maybe even sit outside in the sunshine. I’m going to enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves that remain. That’s how I’m going to cherish this gift I’ve been given. Soaking up all it has to offer and sharing the beauty of it with you.

I can’t help but think of the gift of eternal life God gave us when he sent his son Jesus to die for us.

We didn’t have to plan for it.
We didn’t have to pay for it.
Arrangements were made in advance on our behalf, and all we have to do is accept it and allow it to transform us. And when it does, we get to share it with the people we meet.

You may not have a director who decides to give you a surprise day off. In fact, you may be wondering when your next break will be! But I hope for you an unexpected gift. One that causes you to pause for a moment and ponder all you too have been given.

James 1:16-17: Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

Michelle Flaningan
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