Knowing Who We Are

I never dreamed I would actually meet them, yet here we were on our way to do just that. The scenery went by in a blur as my mind anxiously played out every scenario possible. My parents offered encouraging words from the front seat, and we even came up with a code word in case…
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The Surprise Gift

Armed with a cup of coffee, a notebook and my laptop I found a comfortable seat at the kitchen table and settled in. We had an all day team meeting on the agenda and I hoped to get a few things done before it began. I carefully reviewed a few records keeping in delicate balance…
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Feeling Overwhelmed

When Change Leaves You Exhausted

The other night at 3am I heard whimpers and whines along with a gentle rattling of our new puppy’s crate. Maverick was excited to see me, but more excited to encounter the big back yard. As I stood in the yard waiting for him to finish marking his territory, my mind instinctively wandered back in…
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Dead Leaves

The other day I noticed that my dahlia Plant had been scorched by the heat.  As I grabbed the garden shears to trim back the dead leaves, I started thinking about how Jesus is a much better Gardner than me. I nearly let this plant die!  I did a little trimming and then set the…
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Michelle Flaningan
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